Friday, 23 October 2009

it is done

i sent off my f1 application form just before 1am. I was overcome by a wave of emotion. I'm sacred cos north west thames now seems far from home. But excited. Think sunderland have an f2 ophthal job. God is in absolute control of everything so i really should worry. Easier said than done but God has an amazing plan for my life. Amazing because it is God's plan. Can at least attempt studying now. God is in control so God will take me where i need be. She isn't his friend on fb anymore. Really hope things r ok. To be sincere. I'm glad i'm moving forward in God. One step at a time.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Typical me

Today hasn't really been a good day. I haven't really done much. I went to church and then went food shopping. Rather than do my assignment which is due in less than 2weeks, I've spent approximately 5.5hrs on the Internet. I'm a total time waster. Things have been totally crazy with me lately. I really don't even know if I really am a blog person cos I tried this ages ago I really didn't get really far. I also have an actual diary which i only write stuff in when I'm extremely sad or extremely happy.
I've always had really random mood swings like I can go from excited n exceedingly happy and in the twinkle of an eye be very sad and tearful. I'm the sort f person who tries to psycho-analyse everything. I also try to rationalise everything. I think its just so I feel like I have control over somethings (I just did it again!!!!!!).
Just writing this blog makes me miss home which is really weird cos I hardly ever miss home. moving on swiftly to something more interesting
Valentine's day is in like 3 days yippee!!!! My boy friend D (I use the word boy loosely cos he is 25) has taken the Friday and Monday off work so that we can have a long weekend together which is pretty cool cos i haven't seen him in like 3weeks which isn't too bad. Once i didn't see him for 10weeks but that was because he was studying for his professional exams (he is an accountant).
We are trying to see each other more often this year. It's just really hard. Long distance relationships are really really hard and stressful, but I guess we are use to it already plus I speak to him like everyday which isn't to bad.
On Friday, I went shopping with a friend V from uni and I saw the most magnificent dress(minor exaggeration) and it was in my size and it fit perfectly. I can't wait to wear it when we go to dinner on Saturday. I'm thinking of booking this really nice Spanish restaurant on the Quayside called La Tasca.